Why Comfortemp?

There are many insulation contractors to choose from in the Houston area, but none is more experienced or professional than Comfortemp.

Unlike other companies that use only one insulation method, Comfortemp professionals are skilled in both cellulose and fiberglass insulating systems. Choosing from a wide range of materials and manufacturers, our insulation experts select only the highest quality products, matching materials and applications to your requirements.

For example, in a typical new home we install cellulose insulation in the exterior walls and post-sheet rock accessible areas for greater energy efficiency and a tighter, more comfortable home. We install fiberglass batts in sloped ceilings, post-sheet rock inaccessible areas, and in hard-to-reach places where cellulose is not as economical.

All materials used by Comfortemp are listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and in compliance with applicable ASTM, Consumer Products Safety Commission, and all local and federal regulations. Moreover, because of our specially designed application equipment, highly trained personnel, and volume material purchase agreements, Comfortemp is able to insulate homes at very competitive prices.

Our unique ability to offer multiple insulating techniques at very competitive prices translates into more comfortable, energy-efficient homes and lower construction costs. Best of all, no job is finished until you are completely satisfied.

Environmental Choice
Environmental Choice
Energy Star: Seal and Insulate
Energy Star: Seal and Insulate

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