Remember: Different insulation materials have advantages and disadvanteges depending upon the specific application. Always check with your Comfortemp professional consultant to determine which products and installation techniques are best for you.

What is Spray Foam?

Soy Foam spray-in-place polyurethane foam insulation is a two-part soybean based polyurethane. This specially developed product has excellent thermal and acoustical insulation product when applied by trained and certified installers. Soy Foam expands in the wall or the roof cavity to completely fill all spaces and therefore is a highly efficient seal against air infiltration, the number one source of energy loss. In a direct comparison to products using cellulose and fiberglass. Soy Foam provides superior quality and performance. It is equally ideal for use in both residential and commercial construction applications

Soy Foam insulation is an open cell, semi-rigid, foam that in one step provides a sealed thermal envelope that can simplify construction practices. Soy Foam adheres to any clean dry surface, completely fills any cavities and forms a continuous barrier against any potential air leaks. It provides any domestic or commercial building with substantially reduced energy costs combined with a cleaner, more comfortable environment. Using Soy Foam insulation systems also allows the use of smaller, less expensive heating and cooling equipment. Use of properly sized HVAC equipment reduces energy consumption and prevents moisture buildup within the structure. The resulting increased energy efficiency is a significant cost-reducing factor in most buildings.

Soy Foam provides a healthier indoor environment, reactions. It can eliminate building wrap, caulking and taping, and the labor-intensive work associated with air-tightness detailing, required when insulating with conventional products. Proper ventilation of tightly sealed building allows for the first time, the ability to control indoor air quality.

Soy Foam has significant advantages over conventional insulation materials such as fiberglass and cellulose. It permanently and completely fills and seals all voids. Soy Foam offers better overall thermal performance at nearly the same net cost as other products. Fiberglass or cellulose cannot seal from stud to stud or around outlets, since these materials can settle. In addition fiberglass and cellulose can lose their insulation value if water or moisture invades the wall cavity. Soy Foam is not affected by time or moisture influence, it will not settle, it is completely resistant to mold and mildew, and it offers no food source or nesting materials for rodents and insects.

Soy Foam is available in a 0.5 lb. and 1.7 lb. density formula

Soy Foam 750 is our 0.5 lb. open-cell product and is widely used in wall cavities, attics, and under floors. It is also used in interior walls for sound proofing applications. The R-value for this product is 3.78 per inch yielding an effective R-13 in a 3.5" stud wall.

Soy Foam 17000, our 1.7 lb. closed-cell is used where a higher R-value is required by local codes or customer preferences. The R-value of this product is 6.8 per inch yielding an effective R-24 in a 3.5" wall stud. Soy Foam 1700 provides as good or better insulation with a 3.5" stud exterior wall as traditional insulations do with a 6" stud construction. BioBase 1700 with 3.5" studs will provide greater living area and will significantly reduce billing costs by eliminating the need for the more expensive 6" studs, windowsills and door jams, thereby providing additional living area.

Soy Foam 750 & 1700 insulation systems provides superior performance:

  • Reduced HVAC loading
  • Heating and cooling costs decreased
  • Seals and insulates in on application
  • Provides a draft free environment for improved indoor air quality
  • Reduction in airborne dusts and fibers
  • Reduced indoor and outdoor acoustical pollution
  • R-values do not deteriorate over time
  • Does not settle or compact in cavities
Environmental Choice
Environmental Choice
Energy Star: Seal and Insulate
Energy Star: Seal and Insulate

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