Remember: Different insulation materials have advantages and disadvanteges depending upon the specific application. Always check with your Comfortemp professional consultant to determine which products and installation techniques are best for you.

R-Value & Air Infiltration

Uncontrolled air leakage through exterior walls and ceilings of homes is as important as R-value in determining how much energy will be required to heat and cool a home. Infiltration of outside air means that heating and cooling systems must work harder and expend more energy.

To help prevent air leaks, Comfortemp applies cellulose insulation to exterior walls and attics. In addition to its high R-Value, cellulose insulation is very dense (2–3 times as dense as mineral fiber), so air will not pass through it like other insulations. In addition, by spray-applying cellulose insulation where appropriate, every nook and cranny of every wall cavity is completely filled right to the edge of the stud. Penetrations are blocked, pipes and wires are encapsulated, and window frames and electrical outlets are totally sealed.

Water Vapor Absorption

Moisture problems are usually caused by moist air moving into exterior walls and condensing. With high-density cellulose insulation, moist air infiltration is effectively blocked. In fact, many building authorities believe that with cellulose insulation in the exterior walls, barriers such as house wraps are unnecessary.

Pest & Insect Resistance

A beneficial side effect of the chemicals incorporated into cellulose insulation for fire retardancy, is its safe and natural ability to help protect homes against mold, mildew, insects, and other pests.


In the winter, the warm air inside a house rises against the ceiling with considerable pressure. Without proper protection, some of this warm air finds its way into the attic to be replaced by colder air in the living spaces. With its greater density, cellulose insulation seals in a home's warm interior air, preventing heat loss.

Sound Control

One of the most prized features in any home is a sense of peace and quiet, a sense of being and protected from the world outside. When ordinary noise from traffic, airplanes, children, and machinery invades our homes, this sense of peace and security is violated.

Most noise enters a house through air leaks in the exterior walls. Comfortemp's use of spray-applied cellulose insulation fills voids and seals penetrations, preventing sound waves from reaching inside. With its superior sounds absorbency and air blocking characteristics, cellulose insulation provides a significant sound barrier, preserving the homeowner's sense of well-being and confidence.

Environmental Choice
Environmental Choice
Energy Star: Seal and Insulate
Energy Star: Seal and Insulate

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